The Art of Doing Nothing


As my second semester of freshman year nears the half-way mark, there’s one thing that I’ve noticed:

Everyone is exhausted.

And I’m not just talking about the sleep-deprived college students running on 5 hours of sleep per night and 10 cups of coffee per day (because the toll that our education system is taking on its students is another topic for another day). I’m also talking about fear-driven parents chasing after their kids, businessman killing themselves for the next promotion, and teenagers suffering from the weariness of heartbreak. We are all exhausted.

Our culture has completely forgotten the worth of rest – we have entirely diminished the importance of the concept!

I haven’t done enough traveling to know for sure but, from what I hear, this problem is mostly relevant in the good ole’ USA.

Land of the weary, home of the depressed. Continue reading “The Art of Doing Nothing”


The Richness of Reputation: A Lesson in Teachability


One of the most common complaints that I hear about Christians is that we are too arrogant. We come across to the world as a group of religious know-it-alls who have no regard for the worldviews or opinions of other people.

This should be one of our greatest concerns as a people who are hopelessly in love with Jesus.

If our desire is to see people set free through the transformational power of Jesus Christ, shouldn’t we also have the desire to understand what that person needs to be set free from? Continue reading “The Richness of Reputation: A Lesson in Teachability”

Escaping Pleasure Island


Confession Time: I am as indecisive as they come.

Seriously. It’s bad.

And I feel a little uncomfortable broadcasting this flaw to the entire world because admitting that you’re not perfect is such a taboo thing to do in our American culture… but here I am. Completely unperfect, entirely not put together, and hopelessly indecisive.

Let me just stop for a moment to give you a fair warning: this blog post is going to be messy because, well, life is messy. So if you’re not really in the mood to be real for a few minutes, then you should probably click away now. But, if you’re imperfect and a little messy like me then, by all means, keep on reading. Continue reading “Escaping Pleasure Island”

Created to Be

Are you the person that you were created to be?

Do you even know who that person is?

There was a time in my life where I was not the person that I was created to be – I was the person that everyone else wanted me to be. I tried to be everything to everyone, to never disappoint, and I was miserable. I didn’t know who I wanted to be or who I was supposed to be, so I let everyone else decide for me. The voices of the world were screaming so loudly “do this” and “do that” that I could no longer hear the voice of my Father. I had lost my identity. Continue reading “Created to Be”

Dancing Barefoot in the Flood

If there’s one thing I’ve learned for sure, it’s that nothing is ever for sure. My life is ever-changing and totally unpredictable… and I love it. Every day is a new adventure, full of new experiences and new people – I never know what to expect!

My motto in life has always been “just go with the flow”, which is really easy for me because it comes naturally. I tend to be very calm about anything and everything, and I take my life one day at a time – this also means that I am really bad at planning and thinking ahead (sorry, mom). The only problem with this kind of response to life is that, while it makes the good days really good, it makes the bad days really bad. Because when you “go with the flow” of life, you have no control over the waves you’ll be riding. Continue reading “Dancing Barefoot in the Flood”